Hagrid, walking on frozen river ice, meditating on the impermanence of all things. Also, squirrels.

The Tao (Way) of Hagrid is an opinion column written by a Bouvier des Flandres and his trusty human sidekick.

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Hagrid welcomes questions on relationships, life transitions, sexuality, boundaries, depression, anxiety, goal-setting, mental health, addiction and recovery, communication, parenting, weight loss, family problems, and more.

How does Hagrid decide which question to address?  One morning each week, usually before breakfast, Hagrid lays out your submissions in front of him and, after careful deliberation (involving snuffling, tasting, and nudging), he places his muddy paw print on the question he feels the most drawn to answer that day.

Hagrid’s Best Buddy, Molly Davis, LPC, MAC

Following this deeply scientific process, Hagrid’s business partner, Molly, a psychotherapist, types up his responses and publishes them on the blog.  Occasionally, Hagrid even lets Molly add her opinion.

Molly co-owns a private counseling practice and can be reached by going to www.WildGooseCounseling.com, where you can learn more about counseling options if you are interested in working with Hagrid’s sidekick.