Ask Hagrid

Hagrid, running home to open letters from his readers


Hagrid loves every single question that is sent his way, which is probably why most of them are marked with his affection.  Drool, gentle/not-so-gentle nibbles, and muddy paw prints are all typical responses to your printed queries.  That said, Hagrid is a very busy individual and so only has time to answer one or two questions per week.

Some tips on getting your question selected for a published response:

  1. Hagrid is a dog.  Brevity is your friend, so keep it short and simple.  Unless you are scratching behind his ears at the same time, in which case, feel free to talk at length…
  2. Because he is naturally a responsible sort of guy, Hagrid will only answer questions within his sphere of expertise.  While Hagrid and his psychotherapist friend have education, experience, and opinions in coping with many life problems, some issues are outside of their scope of practice and/or are too complex for a opinion column (and thus best answered by a licensed professional in a therapeutic setting).   See the Disclaimer page for more on this topic.
  3. Remember, if your question is not selected for a response, that does not mean that you aren’t important or valued.  Rather, your question is just not a fit for this advice column.  As Hagrid does with his people whenever he drags in a decomposing squirrel from the woods, if one human doesn’t view his offering as an exquisite gift, another human will.  Keep looking!  You are worth it.
Ask Hagrid